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the worst fucking rapper/musical artist in this world. Seriously sucks dick. youtube.com/user/extreme3004.
Tell me that isn't horrendous. he became popular for trashing 4chan and making more terrible music.
holy crap extreme3004 is the worst fucking piece of shit rapper i've ever heard before.

This references a track "trashing 4chan" that is currently lost.

Source 2

I decided to keep the source on this as vague as possible. I request you don't look into this. This reveals his school, and by elimination and other information on this site, its possible to find where he lived.

"A high school located in *****, New York which is a part of the *****. Infamous for the ***** case during the mid-1980s which spawned a *****, *****.
It is also the suspected high school of the legendary extreme3004 (class of 2010).
Didn't extreme3004 attend ***** from 2006-2010?"

The important thing is this places his music in his junior/senior year. This lines up with TaZa92, as assuming 92 means 1992, this would put him around 18 when he graduated.